Your Spot on the Go!
Your Spot on the Go!
ParkSlice ends your company's parking problems.
Parking is easy
Parking is easy
Only 0,99€ per month per user!
Application to operate with smartphone, tablet and pc.

Stop waiting. Start parking.

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Parking is easy with ParkSlice

Find out the key BENEFITS

Our application gives you the power to manage the parking in your company anytime, anywhere. This means that it is easier to use and manage your investment / monthly cost in parking spaces, to see the recent activity of your employees whenever and wherever convenient.
With our application you can book places, receive notifications about parking status, communicate seating availability, check the status of your company parking lot. See what our application can do. REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION.

Places Reservation

Select the date and time the user wants to mark a place. Lists the places, per park, available for the date and time you want.


In the selected park, it allows to visualize the places that are available or those that will be available, according to pretensions of dates and hours of the user.


Notifications about the reservations status. Viewing management information. Park occupation map.

Cost control

Allows to calculate global and department parking costs, for management information and internal billing.


Informs if there are no places available for the date and time you want, and show by park the availability for the nearest hours.


Define which places are reserved for certain employees. It also lets book places for guests.


Option to select the parking when the company has several locations.


Application to run on smartphone, tablet and pc. Native iOS / Android / Windows mobile application. Data security and privacy.


Through your smartphone, iphone, tablet, ipad, desktop or laptop!

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